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Taimak is a versatile actor, director and writer as well as a nationally recognized marital arts expert. At the age of eighteen, he won the New York State Kickboxing Championship and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2010.

He has worked as choreographer with such notables as Debbie Allen, Jaime King, Madonna on her Drowned World Tour, former rock band Bush as choreographer of their “Chemical Between Us” video and many others.

Taimak was cast by music mogul and Motown legend, Berry Gordy, to play Bruce Leroy in the classic cult film The Last Dragon.

He is the founder of Unfolding Dream, a wellness program whose mission is to enable at-risk youth to create and see a pathway to moment-to-moment happiness.

Taimak, The Last Dragon
An Autobiography

In this book, you’ll follow Taimak’s inspirational, hilarious, shocking, eye-popping life story. You’ll be right there with him as he meets everyone from David Bowie to Mike Tyson, and you’ll join him as he experiences triumphs and heartbreaks in the world of Hollywood. You’ll even learn more about his relationship with Denise Mathews (a.k.a. Vanity) and his other co-stars from The Last Dragon.