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Jorge Molina del Callejo

Jorge Molina del Callejo was born in Los Angeles, California, and currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his undergraduate studies in Minnesota, and got his postgraduate degree in the Philippines. Since then, he has lived in numerous countries, but the bulk of his years abroad have been spent in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

Vagabonding for years around the globe has led him to work odd jobs, mingle with people from all walks of life, and gain an appreciation for cultures and peoples everywhere.

His two greatest passions in life are writing and travel. Most of his inspirations for his writings come from his most intimate encounters with people and from his vast experiences during his travels.

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My Letters To Conceição

An unusual epistolary novel of lost love, mystic fantasy, and the search for meaning in life, wrapped up in a world-wide travel log of people and places.

While on a business trip to Cambodia, a man is given a package of letters by a mysterious elderly woman. All of the letters are addressed to  someone in Mexico City named, Conceição and are return addressed to locations all over the world. What the businessman finds within the letters, is the love story of a man named Vasco, in his early thirties, who has decided to recount the story of his life to his first love Conceição, whom he lost many years earlier.

At first, it is evident that Vasco seeks closure, and to rid himself of an emptiness he’s felt since Conceição’s departure. But, as one letter turns into dozens, the correspondence becomes a journey itself describing not only his desolation, but his life and adventures as well.

As Vasco, travels the world remorseful over his lost love, he begins to have strange visions of the future along with haunting dreams of a girl named Sok Meta. Continuing his journey, Vasco becomes convinced that Sok Meta is real and that she is his one, true soul mate. Consumed with passion and longing, Vasco seeks out Sok Meta, only to find that he must undertake one last, desperate leap of faith before he can know the meaning he has long sought and be with his one true love.