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All The Good Little Girls Keep Quiet

by K Kibbee

In the summer of ’79, hell bubbled right up through the loamy Louisiana bayou just outside of Lafayette Parish and set Olive Abernathy’s world on fire. Maybe it was the little devil sittin’ side-saddle on her shoulder that turned Olive into a murderin’, hitchhikin’, train-hoppin’ vagabond at the tender age of thirteen. Or maybe…just maybe…there were a few secrets itchin’ to claw their way out of that bayou along with her.

Olive Abernathy is a silver-tongued tomboy with a mean right hook, a fierce little spirit, and an inability to fit in. Her uncle mistook the Mayor’s toupee for a bigfoot pelt. Her Aunt found the baby Jesus in a bowl of cornflakes. Her Mama’s holding a paddle in one hand and the world’s biggest secret in the other. Olive feels her little Louisiana town closing up around her like a pill bug and she yearns for freedom; she yearns for adventure . . . she yearns to shed the Abernathy surname that everyone in town inexplicably detests and to strike out on her own. But when Olive convinces her besotted best friend Henry, “the world’s oldest living 12-year-old” to strike out and ride the rails like a starry-eyed hobo, the big city proves to her that while the grass over there might be greener, the dog in the yard’s also meaner.  Olive’s forced to grow up hard and fast. Olive’s forced to feel the same hard touch that her Mama felt. And Olive’s forced to realize that great cruelty exists in this world.


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The Reviews Are In

I loved this book! I laughed out loud at some of the things the main character 
said, she was spunky.  I never laugh out loud when I read so I was surprised by
that.  It was also sad in parts, there is always someone who is worse off then
you.  No matter what happens in your life, you should never keep quiet if some-
thing wrong is done to you. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you are standing
up for yourself!

 -Tracie D., Librarian
Net Galley
I love the author's choice to write in a way that makes the reader pronounce the
words like Olive might say them. Even her thoughts had an accent! As a native 
East Tennessean, I heard most of those pronunciations in my childhood...

... This is a fantastic read, both for its fun and adventuresome tale of a girl
running away from home, and for the lessons it teaches about keeping quiet when
you're screaming inside.

   - Kim A.
Net Galley
There are books that move you and there are books that take over you completely
leaving you feeling warm. This was one of those rare books that captured my

    - Krista K.
Net Galley
Everything about this novel was heartfelt, wickedly humorous, and full of fiery
spice from two women who are anything but good quiet girls, a quality that
becomes admired and even courageous by the end of the novel...
... Kibbee is an author whose passion for writing and creating unique, vibrant 
characters become visceral throughout the story. Sounds, sights, smells, all
of the senses come to life off the pages, creating a story that takes the 
imagination on a wild ride. I never imagined falling so deeply in love with the
characters, plot, and story itself, but the brutally honest depictions of how
life can beat a person down make Olive's adventure so special.

    - Kaitlyn S.

Net Galley

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