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Fairy Flights and Neverland Nights

by J.H. Winter

The adventures of the highly acclaimed “Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore” series continue!

This time around, Theodore’s off on an adventure of his own!

It will be a tough one. He’ll doubt he can do it. But there’s a magical treasure to find for the bookstore. One hidden somewhere in Neverland. Without it, and other magical objects hiding in other stories, the future of The Enchanted Bookstore, and the magical creatures housed within its walls, is a grim one. An unthinkable one. A future Theodore must prevent!

“Taking over writing the Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore series from the wonderfully talented K. Kibbee, has been a surreal experience. As Theodore’s illustrator, I’ve been so enthralled in his adventures from day one. I’ve always wondered where they’d take him: which books he would jump into and what he’d find on the other side of the pages.” Julianne Winter

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