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Between the Knife and the Sock

by Inder Sandhu

“The thing about people we love—they either scar us for life or save us from impending doom.”

Inder lives in a picturesque town in India, far from the dismal conditions of those less fortunate. However, nowhere is he completely safe from the crime and violence that clings to his country’s underbelly. He soon finds himself on the receiving end of a brutal attack in the streets.

While his body survives, his soul suffers and his mind dwells in darkness. Recovery is long; the outside world is unforgiving, and whatever happiness enters young Inder’s life is quickly squashed by his desire to simply wallow in his depression.

Then one day Speed, a new Doberman puppy, becomes part of Inder’s family. Though he is slow to embrace this new addition, Inder finally warms up to the puppy. A bond is formed between them that brings Inder back into the light.

Soon they are off, man and dog, on an international, existential adventure; a life-changing adventure Between the Knife and the Sock.

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