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Never Foul a Jump Shooter
A Guide to Basketball Lingo, Lessons and Laughs

by Daniel Yost

NEVER FOUL A JUMP SHOOTER: A Guide To Basketball Lingo, Lessons and Laughs, began as the author having fun with a few quirky basketball expressions, such as “penetrate and dish” and “a foul waiting to happen.” But then it just kept growing into a humorous look at wonderfully colorful basketball expressions.

But this is not a dictionary. Or a story with beginning, middle and end.

The next time you’re watching a game and you hear an announcer say, “The bank is open,” or a post-game interviewer ask a player, “How big was this win?” and the player answer, “It was huge,” or hear a player “thanking God” after a victory, just open this book, find the term and have a chuckle. Because basketball is about life, and life is better when we can all laugh at ourselves just a little.

The Reviews Are In

“This is a delightful read. Informative but humorous and invitation for getting into the unique vocabulary of our favorite worldwide sport, basketball.”

Don R. Riggs

“What a great book! There is humor, knowledge of the game and whimsical attitude toward life and play.”

Tanya, a reader from Amazon

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