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Just Who We Are

by Robyn Stecher

I was born in a Boston suburb and made in New York City where the junkies on the fire escapes and the serial killers in the shadows, didn’t diminish my dreams. The lights of Broadway, the magic of disco, the currency of the city that never sleeps, coursed through me.

Armed with big ideas, no mentors or road map, I finished college, and lied my way into a job in the entertainment industry. I married, launched my career, and my son was born. My aspirations were within reach. Or so I thought.

Immediately after Daniel’s birth, we were tossed into a turbulent medical odyssey that would change everything. When the unexpected came, I denied it. I wrestled it to the ground, and finally, I embraced it. This is the success story I would share with the exceptional child who changed the course of my life.

My story of grit, grace, and identity is beautiful and messy. It’s a love story; it’s about losses and wins. It’s not a heroic journey or how I became famous or wealthy. It’s the story of what happens when life is unfair and can still be exhilarating. It’s about the choices we make and how the only thing that really matters is how we live; discovering along the way, just who we are.


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The Reviews Are In

Robyn Stecher, shares with tremendous feeling, wisdom, and insight the very challenging journey she has taken. Throughout work, marriage, and devoted motherhood, she never falters in her extraordinary capacity to love. I found Just Who We Are deeply moving. The book is very special, beautiful, and deserves to be widely read.

-Blythe Danner, Emmy and Tony award winning actress


"In Just Who We Are, Robyn Stecher's vivid writing is well-matched to the colorful people, places, and events she introduces us to. Stecher, serves readers an excellent charcuterie of life changing events and we feel we are by her side throughout. Stecher, is a strong character and an intrepid navigator as she and her ‘neurologically different’son Daniel, journey through their extraordinary life together. Her partner-in-adventure Kathy, serves as the perfect accomplice to the dreams they reach for as they ride the rapids of New York City. I predict this will be the next Tales of the City. Most likely on Netflix."

-David Roche, renown inspirational humorist


“My life didn’t unfold the way I had imagined. When the unexpected came, stealthy and quiet, how fast it changed me. I might have crumbled, but I rose, demanding, “Show me what is possible.”  “Robyn Stecher claims she is no hero, but she is the best kind of hero- not the fearless one, the one who consistently empowers others. She writes honestly of a life that wasn’t what she imagined, but it was the one she did better than succeed at. Her story is about self-invention, championing her son, love, and the ultimate test, that no matter what happens, it is up to us to decide who we become.”

Joe Moglia, Former CEO and Chairman TD Ameritrade

Former Head Football Coach, Coastal Carolina University

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