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A view through the lens when...

by Tim Ortman

In today’s thousand-channel, blog-heavy news environment, it’s tough to envision a time when everyone was, more or less, on the same page; when news coverage was less contentious and delivered in a straightforward fashion. NewsReal is a view through the lens to when such a time did truly exist.

Recalled by Emmy Award winning cameraman and producer, Tim Ortman, NewsReal relives a time when the news landscape was owned by the ‘Big 4’ networks. With their vast assemblage of domestic and international bureaus, enormous budgets and loyal viewers, they were everywhere and anywhere news happened–and as an NBC cameraman, Ortman found himself at the frontlines of these stories.

In today’s world, the same fact-based reporting competes with an increasing interference from talk show interpretations and online opinions. NewsReal evokes a time void of that noise. A time when anchormen were more trusted than presidents, the reporting was riveting, the stories were real, and ‘Fake News’ was nowhere to be found.

The Reviews Are In

"Tim Ortman has done aspiring broadcast journalists a great favor with his inside, real deal trip through the life of a rock star cameraman.
He's been there, done that
- and you can go along for the ride
Buckle Up"
     - Tom Brokaw, News Journalist
"Tim Ortman's Newsreal is the best TV news memoir since Dan Rather's The Camera Never Blinks"
      -  Evan Rosen, Author of The Culture of Collaboration

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