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J.H. Winter

J.H. Winter loves to create. She writes for children and teens. She draws. She crochets amigurumi. She even hops behind the camera and teaches how to crochet on YouTube!

When she isn’t holding a pen or crochet hook, she hosts crochet-alongs and shares what she’s working on creatively, over on her blog ( and YouTube channel (, Ink & Stitches.

J.H. Winter’s published works include the illustration of the Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore series, published by Incorgnito Publishing Press. Starting with book four, Fairy Flights and Neverland Nights (Aug. 2020), she will fill the shoes of both author and illustrator of the series. Now, she not only gets to continue drawing that curious corgi, Theodore, she also gets to decide which stories he’ll jump into next!

She wrote the illustrated chapter book, Tales of Whimsy: Wishweaver (set for a Sept. 2020 release), originally as a picture book, but it had much too much magic to contain in a mere 32 pages. So, Whimsy got her way—as she often does—and got to journey into a much bigger adventure. A series of adventures to be exact. Her wisp friend and co-adventurer, Flit, approved of this decision.

As life would have it, J.H. Winter shares her writerly and creative life with her two precocious kids, her equally-imaginative husband, and their frisky feline, Merlin. Verdict is still out as to whether he is in fact a wizard.

Find out more on social media @jhwinterauthor, or visit her website at