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Emma Janson

Emma Janson was born in Ohio but left to join the Army when she turned 17. She served for six years at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and Hanau, Germany. After leaving the Army, she moved briefly to Ohio and then on to Las Vegas to enroll in the National Guard while also attending UNLV. To pay for college, Emma became a dancer and a mud-wrestler while she waited for the National Guard to finally recognized her request to release her, in order for her to rejoin active duty. But, before Emma could rejoin the service, she had to go back “into the closet” after having announced her status as gay the prior year.

Emma served honorably as a member of the Airborne and was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. She was medically retired in 2015 and now lives back in Ohio with her twin daughters where, time permitting, she pursues her love for writing. Discovering Sanity marks Emma’s third book.

Discovering Sanity

Jack and Jill Reed never dreamed of running a mental health facility. Far from it. They were nerdy hippies who were better suited to be flower growers. But as life happened and dreams changed, and by way of unforeseen circumstances, they found themselves at the helm of one of the most unique mental health facilities in the country.

At the Reed’s Northern Lights mental health facility, the patients mingle freely with the staff and each other. Some of the personalities are quiet and contemplative, some inappropriately humorous, and a few seductive and sexual. But all are on a shared path that will lead them, and the staff, on the road toward self-discovery and self-destruction. And, in the end, the only sanity they will discover, is that which lies in the disequilibrium of love.