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The Mysterious Abbott and the Velveeta Rabbit
Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore - boook three

by K Kibbee

Theodore and Sam are whisked back through The Adventures of Robin Hood book and into the bookstore. But, they aren’t alone. Their goofy, galloping sidekick hound dog, Robin Hound, has been sucked into the bookstore with them – and he can talk!

Disoriented and a bit scared, Robin will sniff out a strange intruder hiding in the broom closet of the store. Well, actually, hidden behind a secret door leading to a secret room where this stranger lives. And who is this odd man from the closet? It’s the little fella who gave Theodore his magic glasses – the Abbot.

Soon, our adventurers will learn the secret of the glasses and many other magical items in the bookshop and be introduced to fantastic creatures who live, frozen, in the bookstore with them. Who is this Abbot and why has he chosen Sam and the bookstore to hide his magic?

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