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Mother’s Child

by Michael Conant

Told in the voice of June, the story’s protagonist, Mother’s Child is a “slice of life” as it unfolds during a short period in a lifetime; strung together by one intensely charged event after another. It is the humor of life, marriage, and motherhood surrounded by the challenges of fighting the onslaught of an unknown disease, broken societal systems, and the suffering of broken hearts. It is the story of the average woman, finding her extraordinary voice, and having the courage to be heard.

In just over two months, June Gallagher’s life has turned upside down; it will take a lifetime to resemble “normal” again. Her son’s life is on the line–she is determined to save him.

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The Reviews Are In

April 3, 2019 Format: Hardcover Mother’s Child by Michael Conant.

I almost do not know where to start with this book. Mr. Conant is a gifted storyteller. It was a long and detailed story but worth reading every word. I was also amazed that this writer was a man as he portrayed females in a very realistic light. This book deals with a family, Mom, Dad, daughter and younger brother. The little boy (Ernie) has a number of health issues that are largely unexplained, as well as completely undiagnosed. The Mom and Dad treat the symptoms and ask questions but never really seem to get any answers. Eventually, nosy neighbors and even nosier hospital workers become involved and it begins to go downhill from there. I do not like spoilers so I will not do that in this review. This family fights hard for their son and brother. He is a sweet little boy who really struggles with life but still manages to have a great sense of humor and love of life. This is a perfect portrayal of a hospital and Doctor who believe that they are more capable then anyone else and then using their power to force that belief on others. One of the things that I really loved about this book was that the author was not afraid of the truth and was not stuck on tying everything up with a big red bow. I was given this book to honestly review so I want to thank the publisher. I would highly recommend this book. 5 stars!

Cynthia Carroll, Amazon Reviewer
March 31, 2019
Wow. Just finished this masterpiece. Chapters were a little too long for my liking, however the content was beautifully written. Make sure you have a box of kleenex when reading this book, Michael Conant will have you so emotionally connected to Junie, Tim, Elsie and of course the main character Ernie where this story revolves around. He'll have you rooting for this family and you will fall in love with this family. Definitely 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 and worth every minute of it. This story will stay with you and I feel sad that I can't continue in their lives anymore. Thank you to both Netgalley and to Incognito Publishing Press for giving me the opportunity to read and review honestly this amazing book!
Gopro Girl, Amazon Reviewer
ThePedestrianEquestrian, Barnes and Noble Reviewer

March 17, 2019

Format: Hardcover
Mother's Child
Michael Conant
Thank you, NetGalley for the advance copy for review
This story is a family's nightmare. The Gallagher’s child Ernie has been ill from birth. He has a long record of hospital visits, many different types of illness and test. Meddling doctors, hospital, and social service cause a fight to keep Ernie within their own home.
A close-knit family is in court and June and Tim battle the system having to prove Ernie is not abuse. How frightening when you know this happens in life with other families. Well written and at times you feel the pain is yours.
Edna, Amazon Reviewer

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