Our Story

Incorgnito Publishing Press is a short story on its way to becoming a chronicle. We launched in January of 2015 after signing our first book, Never Foul A Jump Shooter which launched in March, followed immediately by our second book, The Chronicles of Ara: Creation also launched in March.

By the time our first book was out, we had set the schedule for the year. Our goal, from the beginning, was to represent authors’ works that quite simply entertain us. We look for stories, not genres; quality of work and potential, not a target number of books to launch per year. We like books of humor, fantasy and sci-fi, biographies, self -help and a variety of others. We work with authors who are established and those who need a place to develop their talent and audience. We aim to spend our resources as champions of each author, one book at a time, without compromising quality: success for us is getting the most out of each book and not getting out the most books. We look forward to discovering new authors and new stories for years to come.

Our Name

Our publisher and founder, Michael Conant, needed a name for the new publishing entity. Nothing seemed to fit, including attempts to use his sister’s (and first investor) name in part of the title. Coincidentally, his niece and nephew were looking for a dog for their new apartment together. Corgis were their first choice because they liked how unique they were. After seeing many Corgi videos and photos, Michael decided the answer was using Corgi in the name and so was born Incorgnito Publishing Press.