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Posted July 28, 2020, under Book Publishing

Incorgnito Publishing Press has been championing talented authors and
publishing high quality books since 2015. This independent press’ secret sauce is to look for
stories and for writers that will both entertain and leave a mark on every reader, regardless of
their preferred genre.

We work with many new authors or those who come from writing in another media such as magazines and film. We invest significant time and resources developing these authors across a series of books or within a single title, in order to help them to grow as writers. We believe the authors we choose to work with, have potential to write the next best-seller and we want to be their publisher when that happens. It takes time for the author to find their voice and for us as publishers
to learn the best ways to market their work.

Because we are a small press, our publisher works on every aspect of each title: as advisor on covers, as the lead of the manuscript selection team, and often directly with the author and editor as story advisor. The publisher is intimately familiar with every manuscript that gets published providing a consistency of content as well as a trusted voice for the author: he gets to know the author’s strengths and sensitivities and how to get the best results from each author.

Over the years, Incorgnito has not had to solicit manuscripts. We have met authors at book events here in the U.S. and overseas and have recently begun working with a New York based talent agency. Several authors have come to us through personal relationships or recommendations from other authors we work with. One such author asked us to help a friend publish their book as a favor; the man was elderly and needed help putting the book together. That book has now been published in the U.S., South Korea, and Germany. One of our early titles came from meeting the star of the 1980’s cult movie “The Last Dragon” at Book Expo, through another of our authors. We sent Taimak on a tour of US movie theaters to screen the movie and promote his memoir, Taimak, The Last Dragon.

Several of our authors have stayed with us for more than one book, even when switching genres, as we work together to foster their talent. Our Mysterious Monsters series from David Michael Slater is now with Frogbot Films, run by the supercouple Monica Lago-Kaytis (Producer, Wreck-it Ralph and Zootopia) and Clay Kaytis (Director, The Angry Birds Movie), to be produced as an animated series. And, David has now entrusted us with his new (fall 2020) series, Mr. Mensch and His Magical Meshugenahmobile. Our Emmy Award winning news cameraman, producer, and writer Tim Ortman, is back with his sequel to his memoir NewsReal, titled News Division (fall 220) that features more of his witnessing of the biggest events in recent history along with his continuing, ardent defense of the fourth estate.

Incorgnito is excited about our fall launches. We have an interesting mix of children’s books and adult offerings this year and new titles coming in the spring of 2021. We have added three new authors to our spring roster and we are pleased to have been chosen to publish their titles.

Over the years we have learned that publishing a good book is not too dissimilar from cultivating a vineyard: it takes a lot of patience, hard work, commitment, and “good soil.”



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