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Incorgnito Author Joel Eisenberg speaks about the importance of Pop Culture at Throwback Thursday with Herbie J Pilato

Posted July 7, 2015, under Book, Book Publishing, Incorgnito Books, Joel Eisenburg, science fiction, SciFi, The Chronicles of Ara

Location: Barnes and Noble, Burbank Town Center…

Throwback Thursday is an event every Thursday night in July hosted by the Classic Tv Preservation Society’s own Herbie J Pilato, pop culture expert and Author of “The Bewitched Book” and “Glamour Gidgets and the Girl Next Door” (to name a few). The theme of the night is to “Get Pop Cultured” and celebrate the positive influence of classic television, books and cinema on pop culture! Focusing on one decade per week in July, last night was 1950’s night, with a special focus on the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A positive and uplifting night with special guests, Incorgnito Author of the acclaimed epic fantasy series “The Chronicles of Ara,” Joel Eisenberg, and legendary actor Peter Mark Richman who, in his 60-year career, has made over 500 Guest Star appearances on television shows.

Joel Eisenberg led an inspiring discussion with Herbie and Peter on the importance of pop culture. Peter Mark Richman spoke about his experiences and accomplished career and, having studied with Lee Strasberg at The Actors Studio, eplained that the greatest lesson he learned as an actor was, “When you look at someone, really see them…”, a quote by Lee Strasberg. Author Joel Eisenberg spoke about the influence science fiction and “smart horror” writing have on his own writing career, citing writer Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone, Planet of the Apes) as a major influence on his 8-volume series “The Chronicles of Ara,” which explore the question, what if the muse responsible for all art and creativity is currupted? (“The Chronicles of Ara: Creation” available for purchase, “The Lost Chronicles of Ara: Perdition” being released in September 2015, and “The Lost Chronicles of Ara: The Mirkwood Codex” being released in November 2015).

Eisenberg left the audience with the “musing” thought, “Use the inspiration that pop culture, films and tv give you. You’ll discover new things outside of where you are”.

Upcoming Events for Joel:

Joel can be seen on the popular entertainment talk show Reel Hollywood Live with Ben and Reba on Universal Broadcasting Network Tuesday, July 7th @ 1pm PDT.
Link: http://ubnradio.com/shows/reel-hollywood-live-w-ben-and-reba

Joel will be signing at Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday, July 9th and Sunday, July 12th on the 2nd floor signing area.

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