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Incorgnito Business Club Members at Frankfurt Book Fair

Posted October 25, 2017, under Uncategorized

Development Director Janice and Publisher Michael at Business Club.

This October was our first visit and participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair. Having been an exhibitor at BEA NY, I can tell you this Fair far surpassed BEA in every way. We met many professionals and learned a good deal about selling and buying international rights. Everyone was there to do business and meet people and books. Here is a sampling of the crowds, though with 11 very large event rooms on multiple floors, I did not capture the enormity of this event.

Just one half of one of the 11 event rooms

One escalator of many – the flow of people never stops!

A view toward downtown Frankfurt from one of the event buildings.

A well-earned meal after a successful four days at Frankfurt.

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